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Supporting the Female Economy

Fund Her is a space to empower and finance female projects. Whether the funding is to raise legal fees, finance medical care or a business startup, Fund Her is the place to be.

In Unity there is strength

Women influence the economy in many ways. After all we make up half the world's population.  By funding ourselves as a protected group, we empower women everywhere to be in control of their own financial wellbeing.
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Raised: £26,551.00
Goal: £50,000.00

How we Help you to fundraise.


Manage your fundraiser, request payouts, thank your supporters


See where your supporters are and how they have found you

Online Reach

Social media and search engine amplification

Setting deadlines

For time constrained causes, we help you get out there with urgency.

Stretching goals

When you have reached your target and would like to stretch it further

Create your fundraiser and share it with other women

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Supporting Female Projects

Empowering Women to help themselves

Upcoming Events

Femayl and Fund Her Launch

Does your charity or women's cause want to become visible on Fund Her?

Kicked to grass elsewhere?

We are looking for our first 100 women's charities that support and fund women's causes.

Invite your supporters to create fundraisers in a space where they know they'll be safe.

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