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Who we are

Fund Her is owned by Brayve Digital Development providing digital services as a core business activity.

Brayve is owned by women with core business being digital services provided for the benefit of women.

Together with Femayl, Brayve provides unique single sex services that are otherwise unavailable for women.

Unique Female focused platforms

Fund Her is structured to provide services to members of Femayl, an identity verified women only platform.

Funding for Women

Women are being consistently excluded from access to economic services even in the first world. Fund Her seeks to close the equality gap.


Fund Her has been built by a team experienced in unique platform development
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Funding Female Visibility

Whether its for education, healthcare or level ground in legal proceedings, Fund Her is here for women. From Startups to welfare - Female access to the economy has just gotten easier.

Legal Funding
Start Ups

To create fast, reliable access to Crowd Funding for women. Whether a woman needs support to fund education, starting a business or to defend her rights in court. We have created a space where women can support each other online and in the real world.

A space where female free speech is respected. A space where women can access funding to compete fairly in a male dominated world and a space where women can express the right to self determination.

The seeds for Fund Her were sown when the LGB Alliance had its fundraisers removed from mainstream platforms when their owners bowed to pressure on Social Media, mostly from anonymous users. The seeds were propagated when Kate Scottow, Alison Bailey, Marion Millar, Kathleen Stock and several others were cancelled/silenced for no reason other than their views made people to uncomfortable to even listen. What became clear is that women need to forge their own economy and become self reliant. Fund Her is the sapling . Please nurture it.

Talk About Womens rights
Historically Women have United

Fund Her brings women together to support each other