Fund Her will become officially available to the general public on the 10th January 2022.

We have started with a pre launch fundraiser for Lisa Keogh because Lisa's cause has been instrumental in the development of this site.

The site is now open so that the public can ask questions and we can receive feedback .

We don't define women because we believe, who women are is obvious. For the purposes of this service, Women are those that were observed and registered as female at birth.

Every woman that fundraises with us will have had her identity verified as a member of Femayl. They will also have agreed to the terms and conditions both as a member of Femayl and on signing up with Fund Her.

We use an identity verification service that is used by solicitors, financial services and high risk businesses to both verify the identity of our users as well as put anti money laundering procedures in place.

None of our fundraisers are anonymous. Anti Money laundering regulations prevent this and we would not allow it anyway.

Contributors can opt to be logged as anonymous. This means their identity cannot be seen by any members of the public or third party organisations. Financial transactions always leave a paper trail, however this information is held by the banks and it would take a court order for this information to be revealed

Yes. Any charity where the fundamental purpose provides for the advancement of women's welfare can approach us to fundraise. This also means that any woman can fundraise for her chosen charity, and we'll send the money directly to the charity once the fundraiser is concluded.

We will not support fundraising for anything illegal.

We will also not provide startups or other fundraising for activities that involve the exploitation of women and children. This includes, prostitution, gambling, trafficking as a few examples.

Please have a look at our complaints procedure here.

You can contact us and complain directly using the contact form on the front page.

Pre Launch we are only taking payment by direct Bank Transfer using your banking App. This is made easy on the checkout page.

Our managed card payments will start once we have launched.

We charge 3% on the sum raised after payment processing fees have been deducted. We place caps on fundraising fees, which are negotiated with charities.

Payment processing fees vary depending on the method used to take payment. 

When Payment is taken by card it is usually 1.9% +20p for UK cards and 2.9% +20p for other cards.

Direct bank transfer which we prefer is currently 2% +20p

We comply with Act and do not discriminate against anyone based on their race, religion, sexuality, age or disability.

We do however claim single SEX exemption provided for under the Act in providing single sex services. 

This exemption and the way in which we administer it is justified under the guidelines  provided both under the relevant legislation and those provided by the EHRC.